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    Organizing my project folder

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      When creating a new large Flash project, does it matter how you organize
      the folder that will contain everything? Does anyone have any
      suggestions? A main folder with subfolders, such as,

      * audio folder
      * images folder
      * video folder
      * text folder

      Does it even matter?
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Yes it matters!!!

          But, there is not standard for this. Typically you will want to set up a set method for yourself, and stick to it.

          At my company, we set up our folders as such:

          project folder

          Then, everything that gets uploaded comes from inside of the flash folder. But, this is a matter of preference. All you need is something that will allow you to know where all of the project files are, even if you come back to the project months/years after you have finished it. Set up a standard method for yourself and stick to it.