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    Exporting AAF TO DAW




      I've run through an issue with exporting AAF to a certain DAW (my case Nuendo).


      When I import my aaf project into Nuendo, all my tracks are being duplicated, even if i have mono tracks from Premiere. Nuendo does not replicate the conditions I have in Premiere timeline - by this I mean the position of the tracks / I understand that audio effects will be ignored.


      When I dissable the option Breakdown to Mono, there is no rendering of my audio files - there is nothing being imported into nuendo. Also when choosing option "Render Trim Audio Files" alongside the designated In and Out, it would still render the whole audio timeline in Nuendo.


      I searched through many already existing threads and none would seem to resolve my issue.


      I'm wondering what is the workflow of exporting my tracks from premiere to other daws.