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    Applying batch changes to individual files


      I have about 50 individual video files and they currently have the lower third of the canvas as a video and the rest of the space above is black (not used).


      I want to down scale the video part of it and position it more upward on every one of these files and then render them back to individual files. Is this possible to do in some kind of batch method? As changing and rendering each one would be very time consuming than just leaving it to do it's thing.


      Any help much appreciated.

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          maybe change one clip (beginning of timeline) the way you want using scale and position. select that clip and copy. select all other clips and use paste attributes.


          export to nice friendly codec for editing ( pro res or dnxhd, etc. ) to a temp folder somewhere on drive.


          import that to new project. use source monitor and make in out points for EACH CLIP you had before and save as subclips.