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    Tree incorrect label wraping

    Peter Hahmann Level 1

      I have a tree with wraped labels, everything works perfectly beside 2 labels where the last character is partly covered by the verticalScrollBar. I've tried adding another character and the label wraps perfectly, so I guess that there is some miscalculation, but I don't know where or why.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Ah, this sounds like a design decision made by the Flex engineers. If verticalScrollPolicy is set to auto, and the contents of the container force scrollbars, then the vertical scroll bar uses up space *inside* the control(potentially obscuring content). This was a tradeoff, in the belief that putting the scrollbars outside the content might cause cascading scrollbars to appear on the ancestor components. (I think scrollbars should be "off" by default, but that is a different topic)

          One solution is to ser verticalScrollPolicy="on". This will make the scrollbar visible all the time, but should prevent the obscuring of the labels.

          At least that works in a DataGrid. I suspect it will work with Tree as well.