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    Mark in - mark out


      Good evening.

      I'm almost new to Premiere Pro.

      I'm trying to build a time line using different footages, to understand better my question give a look to the following image:



      Working on a footage i set MARK IN and MARK OUT points, then I insert this first part in the timeline, I go on, on the same footage i set a new couple of MARK IN/OUT points and insert this sequence in the timeline, in the contact point (yellow rectangle) the are no triangle, i.e. there no enough footage for transitions.

      Now, if I insert a new full footage after the last MARK OUT point then I can see a right triangle (red rectangle)

      If I add a last footage doing nothing, except add, i see a couple of triangle, i.e. full footage for transition (green rectangle).

      This is strange for me, in the first case I have two MARK IN/OUT sequence with a lot of extra footage why I have no triangles ?

      Setting two different footage in sequenze with NO OVERLAY i have a full coverage (two triangles) for transitions.


      Can someone explain this ? And also how can I o obtain 2 triangles using MARKIN/OUT ? 


      Thank a lot



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The white triangle is an indicator telling you its the first or last frame of the footage. There is no more media beyond that point.

          If you want to add an transition you dont want the triangles showing: the clip need trimming.

          The yellow box shows no triangles: you can add a transition

          The red shows one clip with the triangle so the transition will be places on the other (left) clip.

          The green shows two: insufficient media to make a transition (frames will be repeated).

          Applying transitions in Premiere Pro - handles

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