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    MP4 Video cuts off at end within Adobe Captivate

    muchelleb Level 1



      I have embedded a short video (9 seconds) in to my eLearning. It is a 'Multi-slide synchronized video' that I have loaded from my computer, so it isn't being watched using a streaming service, the actual file is embedded in to the eLearning.


      The very end of the video continues to get cut off. The video doesn't get cut off when I watch it using my local media player.


      I have tried:


      • Making the slide longer
      • Adjusting the placement of the video on the slide timeline
      • Changing the name of the file
      • Deleted and re-uploading the file


      I just can't seem to fix it.


      I've seen this issue around but haven't yet seen a fix. Any advice would be much appreciated.