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    purple and green effect badge in Premiere Pro


      Hi Everyone!


      I have a sharpen effect added to an interview because her face was not so much in focus. So basically when I export the project it never applies this sharpening (with mask around her face).


      But I noticed, that in the last clip of her the effect badge is green! And in the exported Video  the last clip actually applied the effect. In all the other ones in the sequence, the effect badge is purple and in the exported video, it didn't apply the effect.


      Does anyone have an idea whats happening? all the clips have the same effect, same color grading etc. but just one seems to apply it.


      Thanks y'all!


      Sequence settings:

      Editing mode: AVCHD 1080p square pixel

      Timebase: 50fps

      Pixel aspect ratio: square pixels 1.0



      export settings:



      render at max. depth

      profile high

      level 4.2

      bitrate encoding: vbr, 1pass

      target bitrate 20

      Screenshot 2018-10-08 12.41.02.png