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    Panorama Merge for 360 roundview Cylindrical Panoramas


      Hi everyone,

      I use Lightroom to create panoramas, and I enjoy the experince a lot. I does not create defects and it adjusts the colors between scenes smoothly.

      I have only one MAJOR, issue. When I create 360 cylindrical panoramas (that are supposed to be closed and to be viewed in a circle, Lightroom creates a panorama but it does not close it, It does not even try to close it. In other words, it does not make the adjustments for stitching and in terms of colors between the first and last picture in the set in order to close the circle.

      If I open the created panorama in a panorama viewer it's not giving me a roundview, or it simply shows color differences between the first and last picture (the left and right area of the panorama)

      This is something that could be easily achieved, but it does not seem to work at all, even if I select cylindrical.

      There is no control for telling Lightroom that it is a 360 pano that has to be closed.

      Any idea? Am I doing something wrong?

      Thanks a lot

      Best regards