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    Lightroom Adjustment Brush, Odd Behavior


      No known changes in any Lightroom settings but in the past week the Adjustment Brush is nearly unusable. I click on "New" and set up initial parameters, use brush to make a mask, with or without the color overlay option checked. All is good. B it, if I move to the slider area to make a setting adjustment almost always the "Erase" option becomes  highlighted. If I recheck either A or B and move back to the image the Erase function again becomes highlighted, the brush now contains a "-" and pressing the Option key does not make it change. No number of times rechecking on the A or B options will make one of these "stick." If I quit the adjustment brush and then go back to it I can sometimes restart work, but then if I go back to the slider are the same thing happens. Almost impossible to get any work done on an image. Quitting and restarting the program has not helped. Anyone else having the same problems or know what to do? Thanks.