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    Data Structure

      I need to creat a data structure to pass into a wsdl function. Three of the 5 fields needs to be set to null, Can some one please help. This is what I have so far. The problem is I tried to set it to "", but when I do that the running it cfmx will give me an error of "String index out of range: 0 ". if I set the variables to " "(With a space in between) the function works, but does not recognize it as a null value on it's end

      <CFSET Profile = structNew()>
      <CFSET Profile.Userid = "Username" />
      <CFSET Profile.Password = "Password" />
      <CFSET Profile.BatchID = " " />
      <CFSET Profile.SessionID = " " />
      <CFSET Profile.ErrorCode = " " />