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    Photo Quality

    MRB Photography

      Hello there, When I shoot in RAW then import to Lightroom and do my edits then export them (save them) they go from RAW to JPEG and the quality gets dumbed down. Is it when I import or edit or export does the quality lose its sharpness. Just want my photos to be sharp after I edit them to send to clients.


      thanks for your help.


      MRB photography

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Sorry to hear about this, could you please let us know where are you viewing the images after export?


          Also, does it happen with any other image or some specific images?


          Which raw image format are you working on?


          Do you have any presets or plugins installed?


          What are your export settings for jpg, particular the sizing?



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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            Please post a screenshot of your export settings, and make sure that File settings, Image sizing and Output sharpening are all visible and expanded, like below.



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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The quality only goes down upon export and lightroom is designed to always keep the highest quality internally as it never edits the original raw file and always works from that. However, if you choose your export settings right it will be impossible to see any difference. Make sure to understand every option in the export panel. Generally an sRGB jpeg with quality of around 85 and that isn't scaled down is indistinguishable from the original. Most of the time you would send a scaled down version of the image in sRGB jpeg to a client. In that case make sure you output sharpen it. That is only necessary when you scale the image down.

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                Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                Also, to evaluate image quality, especially sharpness and noise, you have to view the image (original and export) at 1:1, where one image pixel is represented by one screen pixel. Any other view will be inaccurate and misleading because the image has been scaled.

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