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    Confused about 'push'

      I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm really really confused here.

      I've been playing with some of the Flex 3 samples using SabreAMF (AMF3) on the backend. For a few apps, I'd like to add the ability to do a real-time 'push' of data to the Flex clients. Here is where the confusion comes in.

      If I understand everything correctly, I can't push in AMF3, you have to use RTMP & LiveCycle DS? Although BlazeDS claims it can push, but it doesn't support RTMP?

      So basically I guess what I'm asking is:

      - Can I push using AMF3 from SabreAMF?
      - If not, can I push using BlazeDS?
      - If not, can I push using Livecycle DS CE?
      - If I have to use BlazeDS or LC DS CE, do I *HAVE* to write the server-side code in Java? I'm not a Java programmer.

      Thanks :)