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    Premiere pro: wrong audio with clip


      I have had premiere pro for some time now. I am a youtuber and I edit my videos on here. There have been a couple of times where I drag a clip to the timeline and it has a completely different audio track when I play it back. The audio can be from a clip that I'm not even using In the same project. But I go to the same clip on my computer and everything is fine. I literally finished editing my whole video, went to watch it before rendering, and the audio was completely different from the entire clip. It's infuriating! I have closed out of premiere pro, cleared the cache and restarted my computer and it still does the same thing! I pay $20 for this a month and this doesn't even include the other issues that always arise. I need help on how to resolve this issue. If I cant find it, then I'm going to have to find another video editor.