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    Image gallery to autoplay and highlight the thumbnails

      Hi all,

      I still haven't been able to find anything suitable for an image gallery with thumbnails that:

      - autoplays
      - highlights the thumbnails and displays the main image at the same time
      - and when the mouse is over the thumbnail, the thumbnail highlights or has a border around to show that it's been selected. Here is a sample of what I'm looking for:


      Of course the captions need to be loaded as well as a previous and next button to scroll through the images.

      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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          respondplease Level 1
          Hi all,

          I was able to resolve some of my issues, but still have a couple more. The images from my xml appear out of order (so the last one inserted in the xml appears first) and also I'd like the thumbnails to be highlighted as the main image transitions in and out. I have the main image autoplaying and the thumbnails are pretty much static.

          I've provided the AS below. For the thumbnails, would it be possible to create a similar to the slideshow function and have the thumbnails play at the same time too?

          Any help would be greatly appreciated!