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    FLVPlayback Issues

      I'm having some issues with FLVPlayback. I built a video player for a website and it was working ok, but then we had a redesign and now all the videos are choppy and studdering. I tried increasing the buffer, but it's not good. Also, I know the video's not loading, because the load progress bar runs all the way out and it's still very choppy. I've tried to switch to using the Video object with NSStream, but I'm still getting a lot of lag.

      I made another player based on FLVPlayback and it works fine when it's the only thing on the page, but whenever there's other stuff, it gets really choppy whenever you move the mouse (especially over it) to the point where it feels like you're pausing it until you stop moving the mouse!

      I'm using FLVPlayback in Flash 8, does anyone know if there were known problems with this one? Anyone had similar experience or found a good solution? Thanks in advance!