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    RH 2019 error message | An alt attribute must be present...

    isabelleg85447096 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,

      Wondering if anyone can help me with an error message I'm seeing in RoboHelp 2019 (not classic). I don't understand what the message is saying or what the problem is.

      I pasted images into a topic. In Author view the topic looks fine. In Preview view I can see broken image links. Because these are missing from Author view I can't delete them. When I look at Source view there is an error message.


      In Source View:

      I see an error message but I don't know what an alt attribute is, why it might be missing, nor how to fix the issue.

      "An alt attribute must be present on <img> elements. "


      In Author View the page looks perfectly fine:


      In Preview View the page is not OK:


      I have saved all changes, even closed and reopened RH.  Note that the "unsaved changes asterisk" is missing and that corroborates that changes made to the topic are saved:


      Does anyone know what's going on here?

      Thank you!