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    Cordova filetransfer onprogress method not working



           I have developed the application with cordova ,phonegap and framework7.i have done the download operation which is download files from server to my local device(ios and android) using  fileTransfer.download method.To know the percentage of file has been downloaded used filetransfer.onprogress method with following code


      if (progressEvent.lengthComputable) {

                                              var perc = Math.floor(progressEvent.loaded / progressEvent.total * 100);

                                              progress = perc;


                                               setTimeout(function () {

                                                  var progressBefore = progress;

                                                  myApp.setProgressbar(container, progress);

                                                  if (progressBefore < 100) {

                                                      myApp.setProgressbar(container, progress);

                                                  } else

                                                      myApp.hideProgressbar(container); //hide

                                              }, 1000);  

                                              progressvalue = progress+'%';





      Previously it returns percentage value.But now its not enter into if condition it always returns progressEvent.lengthComputable as false.so could not get percentage value.Please help to get rid of this issue.Since for long time am searching solution for this.Live app/playstore itself didn't get percentage value.Before it returns percentage value in corresponding store.