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    CC 2018 First half hour in.

    DanGlobalTV Level 1

      Last Friday my company finally installed CC2018 on my system along with Windows 10. I was very happy to finally be a little more up-to-date but my hapiness was short lived.


      First, effects windows and Lumetri and scope windows will not stay where you put them. Everytime you switch between sequences.The windows go back to the center of the screen and this is really annoying.


      Second, I never had to close a project before selecting a new one. It would just open the other project without any problems. With this version If I don't close the project first, the sequence from the previous project are showing up in the new one. I basically have to close a project before opening another one. If you are in a situation where I constantly switch between projects it becomes a problem very quickly.


      Correction: When you want to switch project if you don't close the current project first it import the new project into the active. And I don't think that's normal. Then if you hit close project it close the imported part and leaves the first project open. This may not be a problem for some but for us it is huge because the system currently hold more than 50 different projects at one time.


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