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    Building an automated flow-charting tool with Flex / AS3 - any ideas?

      I'm currently wondering about how to solve a current task of mine. I am going to produce a 'handbook' on how to perform periodical reporting on various issues.

      There is a total of app. 8-10 different reporting work-flows, each of which will have an underlying work flow as well - so that if you click one work flow step in one of the overall workflows, you would open a new work flow for that particular step.

      It would be very usable, if the solution could facilitate links for each of the work flow steps, links to reporting templates for each of the steps etc.

      What I was wondering about was developing a solution in Flex / Actionscript 3 that could draw the flows based on data in an XML-configuration file something like:

      <workFlow id="" name="">
      <flowStep id="" name="" link="" xGrid="1" yGrid="3">
      Text for flow step - e.g. 'Prepare spreadsheet'
      <flowstep id="" name="" ... >
      etc. for other individual steps in the workflow

      I would then use e.g. two variables, xGrid and yGrid, to place instances of a movieClip class / component (?) on the container / canvas for the particular workflow - e.g. along a 8(y) by 10(x) grid with squares of equal width and height.

      However, I'm not sure if this would be the right way to go or if I would just be generating a lot of unfruitful work for myself that would never result in a solution ... ?!

      One of my problems is that I need to connect each of the workflow steps with a rounded arrow. How would I ensure that all arrows would be aligned correctly, connect to the workflow steps / movieClips etc.?

      Does anyone have an idea about how to solve a problem like this? I attached an example of one of the workflows that the solution should be able to draw in a swf-file.

      Of course I could do this in Visio, maybe HTML etc. - but thats a bit boring ;), and would require a lot of manual work each time a workflow was to be adjusted, added etc.

      Any suggestions, thoughts, comments etc. greatly appreciated,

      Br Bo

      NB! An example of a workflow with grid-idea illustrated:
      Example of flow chart