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    Footage importing incorrectly into Premiere?


      This might be a bit of a weird question but let me explain what I am experiencing. I have a clip of footage that is about 1hour and 30 minutes long that I am attempting to edit in premiere.  I know that is a long clip but this is something we do on a weekly basis and have never had any issues with.


      The clip was recorded in 29.97 fps and when I watch it back before importing it into premiere it looks great. However, no matter how I import it into premiere the footage suddenly gets interpreted as 14.99 fps. Then when I drag that footage onto the sequence and watch it back the Audio is completely normal but the footage is in slow motion. I have tried interpreting the footage in Premiere back to 29.97fps and when I do that the audio sounds like Alvin and the chipmunks and the footage become 45minuts long rather than the 1 hour and 30 minutes long that it is supposed to be.


      Any suggestions or solutions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!