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    How to get rid of the use of Nero to create chapters in my video

    lacobo Level 1

      As much as I like Premiere Pro, I can't live without chapters.


      Now I use the following somewhat cumbersome procedure (that actually works fine, but in the back of my mind...):

      1) I edit my recorded footage with Adobe Premiere

      2) Export the resulting video

      3) Create a Blu-Ray structure in Nero Video, adding chapters etc.

      4) Export this to a folder on the PC

      5) Use Nero Recode to shrink the resulting video into the 4GB limit for easy copying to a USB stick (FAT32).


      Isn't there an easier Adobe solution to add chapter marks that work in (lets say) the VLC media player?

      Tried adding the red chapter marks in Premiere, but they don't seem to work in the exported file.




      P.S. Sorry if this has been asked before...