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    PC to MAC Workflows



      I'm having some issues with file paths.


      I work the project in Windows but when I open it in Mac I have all the media offline. I only open it on Mac to make an export in ProRes 422 HQ from the Encoder, for example Windows created a project with media located G:\mysandrive\myrootfolder\myprojectfolder\mymediafolder. That path won't exist in a Mac environment. It would look like this: @ /Volumes/mysandrive/myrootfolder/myprojectfolder/mymediafolder.


      I really do not have the time to open all the projects and link everything every time I'm going to export the sequence, Is there any possibility to export it from Encoder on Mac without the media appearing offline? Or a way to automatically reconnect the files?


      I tried to change it from the XML but it is the same as it does from the project.