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    Timing C Code execution

      I am attempting to increase time the c code execution time as I improve the performance of my algorithm. I tried using time.h and when doing something simple like
      The compiler responds with
      called object ‘&time’ is not a function

      What is the best method for timing the c execution time given we are not using the Alchemy gcc?
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          In FlexUnit uses a method - getTimer
          var _start:Number = getTimer();
          var _stop:Number = getTimer();
          var _result:String = (_stop-_start).toString();
          We receive time in milliseconds
          Accuracy is not defined... It depends on many parametres of system.
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            normanDig Community Member
            Yea...I am looking for something on the C side of things. I tried using clock() also but I don't feel like the values are correct. The timings stay the same every time I run the program even with changes to the C code and some other odd results. Any thoughts? I could just be doing something wrong...does anyone know if this should work???
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              normanDig Community Member
              Ok so ignore all my previous comments (Programmer Error). Bad programming on my part. I am porting Java code to C code that I was previously using as the back end of my flash application. In that code I had a matrix named time and therefore it was overwriting the time function keyword. Thanks for the thoughts notnick.
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                notnick Community Member
                On C as probably using structure timer_t it is possible to receive some
                Time pieces. But in milliseconds - you do not receive exact results...
                I tried it in alchemy works but it is very strange. Also has stopped on an example above.