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    Flash + Mac = Slow?

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      Flash runs slowly on Mac. Why?
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          What are the specs on your computer? I'm running Flash CS3 on a Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5 with 4GB of ram and it runs perfectly. Although, I also have a PowerPC laptop that only has 1GB or so of ram which seems to lag with Flash MX 2004.

          If I were to give the laptop a ram upgrade, I think it would run a bit more smoothly.
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            i am talking about flash application which runs slow on Mac.

            u can try this site www.yourstowear.com/eDesigner.aspx
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              Okay, I understand what you're saying now. I went to the specified site, and it loads fine for me. As I said, I'm on a Mac.

              I can't think of anything that would cause your application to run any slowly on a Mac vs. a PC. I work in web development and I have never encountered platform based problems, it always ends up being browser problems (or more specifically IE problems.)

              Unless I'm still not understanding what you mean by 'runs slow on Mac: The app seems to load up in decent time, and the user interface seems to be working with no lag. For me it seems to work well!
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                Flash CS5 on Mac is extremely slow for me to open, save, change from one open file to another. Well, a couple of times these problems have magically disappeared and I've had normal, immediate responses while working with the program. I've arrived at the conclusion that when I open an .fla what was created on a PC, all of a sudden the lagging disappears. Try it and see it this works for you.


                Who knew?

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                  Same problem. Flash IDE works fine, but not Flash IDE's Interface. Seems like problem simply in refreshing rate  which is long interval. It happens for example when you drag borders of Flash IDE's window. Through, have no idea how to decrease this time.


                  CPU: 3.4, i7

                  Memory: 32 gb, 1600 MHz, DDR3

                  Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 mb