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    Some images not displaying in Lightroom CC public link, synced from Classic.


      I've had this problem a couple of times now, and I can't find a fix:


      1. I add images to a collection in Classic, then right-click->Sync with Lightroom CC, the Make Public and send the link to a client.

      2. In Classic, if I click Help->View your synced collections on the web..., then click on the Collection in the browser window, all images are there and it says "Shared" under the Collection.

      3. However, if I open the public link, a number of images are missing (in one case six from 26, in the most recent case 24 out of 53 are missing.

      4. In the second case, dumping the images into a new collection in Classic and repeating the steps above fixed the issue (the new link had all the images), but for the first case this didn't work.


      I am running the current version of Lightroom on a late 2016 MacBook Pro which is also up to date.  In both cases the galleries had hours to sync, and I'm checking four days later in the most recent case.


      I've done this hundreds of times and it's been fine.  I am nowhere near my 20GB quota (currently using 4MB - I'm guessing this is because mine are almost exclusively Smart Previews).


      Any ideas what's going on?