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    E-mailing used to be much easier!!

    tsutcliffe Level 1

      I have been using Adobe Acrobat for decades and current have a subscription for all of my users.  The latest update to the product makes is more difficult to send a document.  To be clear, you used to be able to simply click on the email icon and your email client would open up.  In my case that would be Outlook (Office365).  Now when you click on the email icon in Adobe, you end up with a new feature called "share" within the right hand panel and then you have to make  several choices within the right hand panel.  One of the choices is to attach to email which repeatedly makes you choose your default email client or web-mail.  There is no way to save that choice in that panel or in the preferences.


      This seems like a big step backwards from simply clicking on the email icon in Adobe, going to Outlook, and composing the email.  Am I missing something here?


      Tom / State Electronics