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    Installed High Sierra and all of a sudden my fonts are all displaying incorrectly please help!

    redjackrabbit Level 1

      Hi All,


      I just opened my Muse file to do some edits for a large site update and all the fonts are displaying incorrectly? Ugh!  Nimbus Sans Condensed and Nimbus Sans.

      They are web fonts from typekit. Is anyone else having any issues! I restarted my computer, Muse, creative cloud and re-synced the fonts and still no luck. Plus the files online have gone wonky too? I know in the past I was told to uncheck the in-browser editing and still no luck. I am in panic mode and need to get this fixed asap so my client can continue to do her business. Any input is greatly appreciated as this is a very active site for my client, I feel so lost....I am not a coder obviously and wish I was at this point, but that is not happening today Thank you  for your time. The site is ldcartistrep.com