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    Rollover often fails to rollout

      I have vertical list of 18 words and when the mouse rolls over each word, it starts a movieclip that fades-in a color box behind that particular word. The opposite happens on rollout.

      My problem is that if I move my mouse over an item too quickly, it gets 'stuck' and won't rollout. The fade-in/fade-out movieclip consists of 12 frames, with a stop(); action in the first frame and 6th frame, the first half of the frames are the fade-in (then stop) and the last half, the fade-out (then stops again on the first frame).

      I think what is happening is that when I run my mouse over an item, it has to run the first frames and stop on the 6th before it will register the on(rollOut) (if this makes any sense). But I have no clue how to fix this, or if this is even the problem.

      the FLA file

      I keep running into this error with various projects. Please help!