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    how to resize a gif image

      i would like to resize this gif image to 20 x 20 pixels http://www.geocities.com/mofop034/star.gif

      when i try and resize it in fireworks, it doesnt resize the entire file...

      can someone please resize it for me or tell me how?
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          I was able to resize it fine to 20x20 in FW. Do you have the actual
          animated GIF? Or are you trying to copy it from that URL? Here's what I did:

          1] Went to your URL, right-clicked the GIF, and selected Save Image As -
          saved it to my Desktop.
          2] Start FW, choose File > Open, and open the GIF
          3] Switch to the Frames palette/tab and verify both frames of the
          animation are there
          4] Choose Modify > Canvas > Image Size (or Ctrl+J)
          5] Unchecked Constrain Proportions, then set both width and height to 20px
          6] Click OK, then choose File > Save
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            AFJ786 Level 1
            Thanks so much!

            What i didnt know was how to switch frames, but know i do, and it worked.

            thanks again!