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    Heartbeat Library without ADBMobile SDK

    KennyT-ATL Level 1

      Hey All,


      I am looking to do the following setup and wanted to know if I actually needed to implement the mobile SDK in this scenario.


      General Question:

      Using a data aggregator with a "adobe add in kit", can I still use the HB Library?



      1. send core metrics (lifecycle/pageviews/interactions) to the data aggregator via their method (using the MCID service kit the aggregator provide) and send to Adobe for processing.
        1. Note I have done this as a stand alone solution and there are no issues at this time
      2. send on the same app VHL calls directly to the Heartbeat servers and directly to Adobe.


      Note that the data being sent for one visit will be sent via the data aggregator and VHL SDK.



      1. Is this possible?
      2. Any impact to joining this data?
      3. Anything I am not thinking of?