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    Build stuck on splash screen for IOS12...willing to pay a freelancer to fix

    timb49528982 Level 1

      We have a build that has worked great on Android and IOS11.  But once IOS12 rolled out, our app gets stuck on the loading screen.  We've tried a number of things but can't fix this.  At this point we are willing to pay a freelancer to resolve this issue.


      Note, the app does send requests to our web server (per our weblogs) but doesn't do much else, I assume there is a javascript of phonegap bug that is crashing it.  It would be preferred if the freelancer had access to IOS12 and the ability to tether the IOS12 device to a developer backend to see any errors that appear (we haven't been able to do this).


      Any questions about this let me know.