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    Unable to get Adobe image request fired by using Appmeasurement for JAVA

    sritanurudrapaul Level 1

      Hello There!


      I wanted to fire an image request using JAVA appmeasurement but unable to do so.


      1. Jar files has been imported

      2. Referred to JAVA appmeasurement document from the code manager and also bumped on to this https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2329798

      3. Here's how the code looks like


      AppMeasurement s = new AppMeasurement();

                                      //Setup application config variables

                                      s.account = "rsid-value added";

                                      s.pageName = "hard-coded string added";

                                      s.prop25 = "hard-coded string added";

                                      s.sendFromServer = true;

                                      s.trackingServer ="tracking server-value added";

                                      s.trackingServerSecure = "secured tracking server-value added";



      No error anywhere but no image request firing and there is no reporting data being received as well.

      4. Used Httpfox and Chrome dev console to debug



      Looking forward for a fix or an alternate solution

      Thanks in advance!