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    How to turn of "log in" window


      Recently when I try to view pdfs, a box will pop up asking if I want to log in to Adobe. NO I don't, but it keeps popping up and I can't find a way to turn it off for good. It makes me click twice to get out.  Anybody know how I can keep this from popping up?


      Update: Here is the what the popup box says:


           Adobe Acrobat

           Sign  In

           Sign in with your Adobe ID to use this product and access your membership information.

           We will sign you in as Adobe ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (redacted)

           (Not your Adobe ID?)

           Sign In


      When I click the X to close the box, I then have to click "Yes" to "Are you sure you want to quit?"

      This is a waste of time and very annoying!