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    A preset’s white balance is not applied on import.

    sawoodpearce Level 1

      Hello, I am running latest Lightroom Classic on Windows 10.


      I have a User Preset which applies the ‘Auto’ white balance setting, along with Auto Tone. This is confirmed when viewing the XML source. When manually applied to a JPEG image, the result works as expected.


      However, if I select this Preset to ‘Apply during Import’ all other adjustments are applied, but the white balance is not. If I then manually hover over the preset in the Develop module, the white balance can be seen to change.


      These screenshots perfectly illustrate the issue. In Screenshot 1 the preset is shown as already applied/selected and yet in Screenshot 2 when it is hovered over, the Auto White Balance can be seen to get applied.


      Screenshot 1 (preset applied during import, seen to be selected):



      Screenshot 2 (hover over the same preset and white balance changes, which should have happened already):



      This appears to be a bug. Further hammering the point home is that I cannot click the preset to force the white balance to now apply, as it is already the last-applied preset. I have tried resetting Lightroom’s preset settings in Preferences.


      Please advise how I can automatically apply Auto White Balance to imported images? Please note that Ctrl + Shift + U is not an option because I need to use the Auto Import feature to batch-correct scanned images that arrive in a Watched Folder and save them to a destination without manual intervention.


      Thank you in advance.