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    new user, old project

      I inherited an old project that involves adding multiple-choice questions and their answers to 4 different question pools to be randomly selected from and administered to individuals preparing for an exam. The person who was handling this project before me has submitted a number of questions into the question pools already. My questions are these:

      1.) I need to go back and edit existing slides. In the pools manager, I can open the questions, make my changes and then select "ok" to make the changes and close the slide. When I reopen the slide, the changes are still there. When I close Captivate and then reopen the application and the Question Pools Manager, my changes are no longer on that specific slide, even if I select save in edit mode prior to exiting the program. How do I save new changes to existing slides?

      2.) Also, I am having an extremely hard time locating slides that are already exist in the question pools manager. I need to update these existing slides but I cannot find a search function when I am in the question pools manager. Is there an easy way to search for text among multiple slides?

      3.) I need to change the format of text within a single slide. Specifically, I am entering the genus and species names of many biological organisms and I need to have the text appear as Italics. How do I change the font and format of text?

      4.) Finally, this is a solicitation for some stylistic opinions. I have no familiarity with this application so I really don't know what it is capable of. I would like to add journal references to the slides so when students are using this practice test, they will have the reference pertaining to each question. I don't think they will really need this info before answering the question because I don't think anyone will use the reference until after they get the answer wrong and I don't want to clutter the slide by adding the reference at the end of the question. I also don't want to include it with the correct answer because then the correct answer is immediately obvious in a multiple choice question and negates the purpose of this practice exam. Is there some way to add a "reference button" that would only display the reference if selected? If so, how do I add it?

      I think those are all of my questions. Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.