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    Adobe PhoneGap

    GeorgeH00 Level 1

      Hi All.


      I tried phoning multiple Adobe phone numbers (customer services and tech support) but they couldn't answer my question and told me to try the forums.


      I work in the IT department in one of Glasgows Colleges.

      We have a site licence for Creatvie Cloud.

      I am wanting to know about a piece of software not included in the Creative Cloud, with is Adobe PhoneGap.


      It says PhoneGap is free to download, but what I need to know from Adobe really is, is my College okay to use this software?


      We use the ranges of software covered in Creative Cloud. But there doesn't seem to be an educational version of PhoneGap, and it's free to download, so is an educational institution such as a College okay to use this?


      (We just don't want to get tripped up by any clauses in Adobes Terms and conditions, which I have been reading but are very unclear and generic)

      Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. No one on the phones seemed to know.


      Kind regards