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    Flex learning curve

    Pixel_Boss Level 1
      I'm a web developer and graphic designer who's been using Adobe products heavily since '98.

      I have a potential client that needs a lot of Flex work and I'm contemplating offering my services, if I can get up to speed in a reasonable amount of time. What's the Flex learning curve like?

      I'm not a died-in-the-wool coder, but I have taught myself things like javascript, PHP, MySQL and am willing to tackle most anything. I got myself up and running with other Adobe products over the years, so I'm thinking I can do the same with Flex.

      But just wondering about how complex or difficult to learn Flex is compared to other Adobe applications. Is it something I could get comfortable with if I installed the trial version for a month?

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          gmurnock Level 1
          Maybe I'm just old but my background was VB5 and VB6 then moved into the Clarify development for about 6 years(CRM product). Then fumbled arround with ASP for awhile. CF for the last year and then Flex as of July. Books and blogs as my instruction and have now been put in charge of puting a Flex team together. So for me 6 months and I still need Loads of help in OO and ActionScript3; however I have one project live in our fee for use product. It all depends on the person and the project. You can get the gist in a couple of days but to really make it become your tool of choice with customizing components and events could take some (me because I'm old and missed the OO boat till now) time.
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            i would say it depends on which adobe products you learned to tell how well it will translate. if you know flash/actionscript, it should not be too bad. javascript and actionscript are both in the ECMAScript families, so if you've not seen actionscript, but you know javascript, it will be familiar.

            also, it depends on how complex the project is. i came from java-land (10+ years) and it's been a bit of an uphill climb because our project is fairly complex. we have a real time system in java to which we're connecting a flex client thru a proprietary binary protocol polling every few seconds. we use the data grid heavily and rely on some other key components, and we've had to customize or override almost every behavior of TileList, DataGrid, and ArrayCollection. we've had to disable a lot of the binding features on the collection under the grid because we're updating about 300 cells at a time.

            of course, if you want to do a shopping cart (*the* flex example application), you will actually find about 30 gazillion implementations. that's a fairly static application with few tentacles to server-side services. most examples online are pretty trivial and i've not found a lot of use for them.

            if your project is not too complex and you have some object-oriented programming ability, it's not too bad a curve.