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    Recording audio portion with two headsets

      I would like to use two people/two headsets to record the audio portion of my captivate software demo. We are using two digital headset microphones, each with a USB connection (Plantronics Gamecom | Pro 1) within a VMware session. The visual portion records just fine, but only one headset picks up the audio portion. The second headset doesn't pick up anything.

      Ideas on how to get BOTH headsets working while recording? (We just spent money on the headsets and would prefer not having to spend more money on a single, but shared, microphone that sits on a desk; plus we're under a tight schedule :-)
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Sorry I don't have an answer for you - directly, anyway. I do understand why you might want to do the dual-mic thing, but I don't believe Captivate can handle the double-source audio.

          I would recommend (unless someone here has a better answer) that you use your dual microphones and take your script outside Captivate to do the recording, then use the Audio Import function to bring your saved MP3 or WAV audio into the project that way.

          Best of luck, and welcome to the User Community!