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    After Importing Catalogue - Unable to Move Folder to New Location


      Good afternoon Guys.  I hope you can help me with something.

      I have a travel laptop where I download and edit photo's on the go.  I also have a PC connected to an external hard drive where I store all of my photographs.

      After following a tutorial I did the following steps to move the Lightroom catalogues from my laptop to my pc.


      Export folders as a catalogue - I saved this to a Transcend hard drive - there were 10 folders - names Temporary Vacation Folder

      I connected the Transcend hard drive to the desktop - File - import from another catalogue and browsed for the folder on the Transcend hard drive.  I selected add new photo's to catalogue without moving.


      That was OK - Lightroom is reading the photographs from the temporary folder on the Transcend hard drive.


      However, I want to move these photo's to my Hitachi hard drive which is connected to the desktop and stores all of my images.  I tried to drag one of the 10 folders down into a folder called Foreign Travel.  It seemed to be going through the motions but then came up with a message that it was unable to move the photo's.  It did create a folder on the Hitachi hard drive in Foreign Travel but it was empty.  The photo's remain in the temporary folder on the Transcend hard drive.


      Please can anyone tell me why the images aren't moving into another folder?  Am I doing the correct method?