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    No GPU detected


      After allowing my PC to update last night, both windows and a few drivers as well, Media Encoder no longer recognises my GTX 1060 as a Hardware Encoder. It's locked to Software.


      The renderer option still lets me set it to CUDA and after effects still uses the GPU without issue but I can't render through Media Encoder with it. Which breaks several effects if I let it render with CPU only.


      Just wondering if anyone knows a fix for this or if it will likely just go away when my RTX 2080ti arrives in the next few days.


      Thanks in advance.


      And for anyone questioning why I would be upgrading from a 1060 to a 2080ti rather than any other card... I sold my 1080ti to buy it. I've been stuck on a 1060 for a month now. I wasn't exactly expecting a 3 week delay when I ordered one.