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    array collection question

    essa tkinen
      Hello I'm new to the flex I've been reading books and what not but I have a question probably simple for someone more experienced.

      So here is what I want to do I have an array collection _getNews and I want to pull information out of it in the statesFilterFunction the field I want in the array collection is called fkstate_id so do I reference it like this


      anyways i keep getting a 1119 error = access of possibly undifined property data through a reference with a static type

      Basically I want to get info out of my array collection property _getNews and compare it in a different function to another property get_States

      Any help would be great


      private var _getNews:ArrayCollection;

      private function newsDataHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
      _getNews = new ArrayCollection(event.result as Array);


      private function statesFilter(_getStates:Object):Boolean
      var currentCountry:Object = countryList.selectedItem as Object;
      return (currentCountry.country_id == _getStates.fkcountry_id && _getNews.fkstate_id == _getStates.state_id);