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    Transferring from one Laptop to another laptop. Hard drive splits between recognized as a E and D drive


      Hey Everyone,


      I recently got a new laptop to upgrade from my older one. Before I had switched over to this new laptop, I began to operate with my photos located on my external hard drive. On my older laptop my hard drive was recognized as Seagate (E). but when I had switched to my newer laptop that had changed to Seagate (D).


      I had not recognized the change but now my catalog is stuck between Lightroom recognizing some photos as it would the (E) Drive and other on (D). Is there a way to get all the photos recognized again under the same pathway so that I dont have a split catalog?


      I have already switched the pathway of my hard drive to recognize the other "pathway" D or E, but that just results in the opposite letter Drive becoming smart previews without a location of files.