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    Slow browsing performance



      I am getting what feels like snails pace performance in lightroom when trying to go through pictures. Library mode is a bit faster than develop but only by a few seconds. Both take 10+ seconds. I'd like to avoid requiring 1:1 previews as they take several hours to create for some reason. I'd like to see if there are any settings I can adjust to maximize performance as lightroom seems to only use ~30% of the CPU, 5GB of RAM, and 8MB/s of disk usage. I am just trying to figure out where the bottleneck is. Below are the computer and file specs:


      CPU: i7 - 5960X

      GPU: GTX 1080

      RAM: 32 GB

      Catalog is stored on OS disk which is a Samsung M.2 SSD

      Library is stored on hardware stripped RAID array on 2x SATA SSD's

      DIsplay is a 4K 32in Monitor

      Images are RAW from Canon 5DSR


      Do I need better single core performance? The CPU is the oldest item here but it is still way above minimum and recommended specs


      Anyone else have ideas on how to make the load times get down to ~1 sec?