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    Lightroom export issues - colour saturation

    pauly36771282 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I am really hoping someone can help me, as I pulling out what remaining hair i have!  I am having issues for sometime now when exporting photos from Lightroom for sharing online.  Its become more of an issue now, as I have recently photographed a wedding for a friend, and can't get the images to process correctly.  I am not particularly in the know with this stuff, so apologies in advance if i dont provide enough information to help me.  Any help would be much appreciated.


      Screenshot from below is an example.  Left hand image is the amended raw file in lightroom, right hand image is an exported jpeg, opened on the windows 10 photo app.  Like this example a lot of photos come out darker, and more saturated.


      Images taken in raw from a D810.

      Lightroom version is 2015.12 camera raw 9:12. 

      Export function is set at image format-jpeg, colour space -srgb, quality % varies.  Sharpening (yes) set at low

      My monitor is a Dell U2713H.  This has never been calibrated, but dont know if thats the issue as both pictures are on the same monitor?

      Monitor colour profile is set as default which is U2713H.icm


      Not sure if this is related or just my personal taste, but in general when i use the auto function in lightroom develop mode, i almost always have to reduce the exposure by at least 0.5 stop after the auto adjustments, lightroom always seems to over-expose to start with?


      I dont use camera raw at all.  Just export the raw files into lightroom and make adjustments from there.


      Any help would be appreciated as I am at a complete loss and would love to get these photos ready!