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    Flash workspace color problem

      I have an Intel iMac runing OSX 10.4.11 I have installed CS3 Premium. I am taking a Flash class at the JC . When I start up Flash CS3 the very first window (Flash icon and version #) is a bizare rainbow color, the welcome screen has to be turned off or it freezes the program, same with Dreamweaver. When I open a new project The pasteboard is dark blue and the stage is pink. If I try to change the background color on the stage with the property inspector I always get a different color than I pick. If I pick red I get blue, blue I get green, green I get red, white is pink. Objects drawn on the stage have the same problem but type always displays the color I pick. In the color picker if I type in FFFFFF or 255 255 2555 I get the pink color. The only color that displays properly is black.
      I have never seen this problem before nor can I find any reference to it. So is it a Flash bug an Intel iMac bug or what?
      All colors display correctly in Photoshop Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver. I also get bizarre colors on flash text and buttons in Firefox but not in Safari.
      Where do I begin to solve this? I have reinstalled Flash CS3 and it didn't help.