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    Merge info to a 3 page indesign document




      I am trying to mail merge info from an excel into a preset 3 page InDesign document.


      Page 1 - Cover Page

      Page 2 - Statement of attainment

      Page 3 - Achievements


      When I click preview, it works for the first person (Note: I have 110 separate students that require the 3 page document) but with the second student (and every student after), the merge fields don't seen to work.. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can merge this and set the presents so it recognises that the document is 3 pages?




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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          If you have applied the placeholders on the regular pages and not the master pages, it should work fine in this particular instance.


          Instead of using the preview dialog box - you go "create merged document" or "export to PDF" from the data merge panel and choose a record that isn't record 1 but could be record 4, records 7-8... what happens?


          Without more information, it is difficult to tell. Are the placeholders large enough to handle the incoming text? What is the data like? Were there soft-returns in the excel file that haven't translated across to the text/csv file being used for Data Merge?

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