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    Photoshop won't access my Lightroom photos.

    Mokey D Luffy Level 1

      So, I am completely new to Photoshop CC 2018, or any version of Photoshop for that matter.  I have been editing photos exclusively in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC all year.  Before that, I had a small amount of photos that I had edited in Lightroom CC.  I switched to Lightroom Classic because I liked the interface better, and it seemed to have more options.


      I wanted to take the plunge into Photoshop so that I could get some better edits done.  I was trying to learn some things through some online tutorials.  However, I ran into an issue when trying to grab photos from Lightroom.  It is only looking at photos that I edited in Lightroom CC, and I cannot locate any of the many other photos that I have been editing in Lightroom Classic CC.  Is this normal?  Was all of that editing wasted?  Is there a way for Photoshop CC 2018 to work directly with Lightroom Classic CC?


      Sorry for asking what seems like an easily answerable question.