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    transform/distort video without losing video function?


      I want to put a video on a perspective iphone mockup (an iphone that is tilted)  but in order to transform > distort it to place it on the angled mockup, I have to rasterize it, which causes it to lose its video function and become just an image. Is there a way for me to do this and keep the video playing function???

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          Photoshop has basic video editing.  I do not edit video.  However if I wanted to do what you want to the first thing I would do is see if I can convert a video layer into a smart object layer to see it the video still plays.  If It does I would  try to use the smart object layer associated transform to distort the video to the shape you want.    I would expect that  the video frames will still be rectangle shape and the transparent areas may render black when you render out a video.



          Edit I just tried and that seems to work....

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