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    Audio very glitchy and repeats.

    GravenDarken Level 1

      I downloaded a youtube video into mp4 format using a free online converter. I then imported it onto adobe premiere pro to edit it and turn the edited file into mp3. Now when I want to edit this mp3 file further, the audio is very "glitchy" and skips and repeats itself like a scratchy CD disc. The file itself is fine when I play it in windows media player, it is only "glitchy "when I put it into adobe premiere pro. My audio hardware settings for "Default Input" is set to "no input" my project settings > general > video rendering & playback is set to "mercury playback software only". I've looked online everywhere for a solution and tried everything nothing seems to work. I also can't convert it into wav file using adobe audition because the software I'm using the file for only accepts mp3's.