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    Tabs y-axis offset on TabNavigator

      Is there a property in the CSS that allows me to move upwards and downwards the tabs when styling a TabNavigator in Flex Builder 3?

      I am having a problem where the tabs of the TabNavigator do not join with the body of the TabNavigator when skinning the them. I need a way to adjust the tabs's y-axis offset of the tabs so that they join with the body of the whole TabNavigator.

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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          Are you using custom skins built in Flash/Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator?

          Would it be possible for you to post some code or upload your files somewhere?
          Or, if you think its a bug in Flex, can you submit a bug at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/ (include any relevant files and a simple test case, if possible and post the bug number here) and I can take a look.

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            vEr5e Level 1
            Thanks, Peter.
            Well, I am not too sure if it is a bug. I have taken a screenshot of the problem.

            The tabs do not align with the body of the TabNavigator. This is the code in my CSS when skinning the component:

            selectedTabTextStyleName: tabNavigatorSelectedTabText;
            tabStyleName: tabNavigatorTab;
            cornerRadius: 0;
            borderSkin: Embed(source="../images/skins/TabNavigator_borderSkin.png",scaleGridTop="26",scaleGridLef t="27",scaleGridRight="479",scaleGridBottom="467");
            tabOffset: 5;

            upSkin: Embed(source="../images/skins/TabNavigator_middleTabsSkin.png",scaleGridTop="34",scaleGri dLeft="16",scaleGridRight="122",scaleGridBottom="57");
            themeColor: #6A6A6A;
            cornerRadius: 15;

            Is there anything wrong on my part?
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              Peter deHaan Level 4

              Hhmm, maybe just file a bug in the bug base at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/ and submit a small test case (PNGs and CSS and MXML and all that good stuff).
              Then post the bug number here and I can take a look at it tomorrow or later this week.